Across The Street Banners

Across the street banners are recommended to be hung from a pair of cables. More grommets are recommended on top and bottom to distribute the load. It is recommended that you order a banner with grommets every 12 inches and with wind slits. Do not try to hang a banner this size via the corner grommets only.

Note: The addition of rigid “spacer” poles will alleviate corner stress and prevent the center from collapsing. The banner above on the left has been hung with no spacers and the banner on the right has spacers added. Optional but recommended (we do not supply cables or spacers).

This order form has been setup with pre-set options ideal for across the street banners. No need to worry if you have the right options. Simply enter your size and add to cart and you're done!

  • 64MB filesize max. For larger files please use our DropBox.
  • Price: $6.00
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