Grommets are metal reinforcing rings.

“Standard Grommets” will give you grommets on corners and every 2-3 feet on the horizontal, and 2-4 feet on vertical depending on the size of the banner.

Just4Banners only uses quality grommets. No low cost grommets to fail or rust.

Pole Pockets
Sleeve created by folding and stitching.

Useful for hanging banners with a pole instead of using grommets. Also useful for weighing down and straightening the lower side of a hanging banner.

If you have a specific pole size, please specify in special instructions.

Hems create a finished appearance

Hems also add additional strength and rigidity. Created by stitching and usually approximately 1 inch in width.

Recommeded whenever grommets are installed.

Windslits are wind relief cuts.

Spaced approx. every 2-3 sqft. Crucial text and graphics are avoided whenever possible.

Note: Windslits will reduce wind load in certain conditions but may create a potential tear source.

Lamination available by request.

Laminating a print creates an additional barrier against abrasion and fading.

Premium quality cast vinyl used in most laminations. Floor laminate, matte laminate, gloss laminate, are a few of the lamination options available.